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Check out these 17 questions.

Q: What does 100% satisfaction guaranteed mean?
If you are not satisfied and notify us within 12 hours, the next visit is free of charge. We are the ONLY company in Richmond that has this guarantee. Rest assured we are the most reliable and trusted dog waste cleanup service for your pet needs.

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What does PoopBrigade do?
A: PoopBrigade comes to your home on a weekly, 2x weekly or every other week basis and scoops up the pet waste that has accumulated in your yard. Say hello to spotless lawn, deck, and patio. The convenience of this service simply can't be matched.

Q: Is dog poop good fertilizer?
A: Surprisingly, many people think dog waste is great for their lawn. No, it's nasty stuff and not healthy for your family, your yard, or the environment. Poop pollutes.

Q: How much does this service cost?
Rates start at just $16.00 per visit (one dog) for a routine weekly visit.

Q: What other factors determine the price?
Size of the yard, number of dogs, difficulty of cleaning, last time thoroughly cleaning.

Q: Are there contracts to sign?

A: No. We can start and stop your service at any time. There's no minimum service period or advanced notice to cancel the service. Just call us to cancel. PoopBrigade also reserves the right to stop service immediately if payments are not received.

Q: How often do you come to our home to prove poop removal?
A: Most pet owners prefer a 1x a week service. We also have an every other week and 2x a week service.  One time poop removal programs are available. Please note that we will clean your yard on your service day, but we can not guarantee the same time every visit. Poop is placed in customer's garbage bins.

Q: Is this a business operating all year?
A: Number 2 doesn't stop so we are working year round.

Q: What counties do you service?
A: Henrico, Hanover (Route 1 up to Sliding Hill Road over to the Atlee Station Road corridor,  up Route 2 for a couple of miles)... North Chesterfield, Manakin-Sabot, City of Richmond.

Q: How will I know if you serviced my yard?
A: PoopBrigade will knock on the door the first few visits, we leave a receipt taped to the front door indicating service date. You or your neighbors will also notice our light blue shirts and khaki pants (shorts) working in the yard.

Q: Should I leave my gate unlocked?
A: Yes, we don't climb fences and PoopBrigade will lock the gate when finished.

Q: Can you work with dogs in the yard?
A: We love dogs but they don't always like people in the back yard. If they are not good with strangers please keep them confined, so we may perform the  service.

Q: What if we go on vacation?
A: Just let us know and we will skip a week.

Q: Is the charge higher for the first visit?
A: Generally yes, it depends on how many dogs, grass height, are leaves removed, and length of time between cleanings. We will discuss this with you. First time visits, we ask that you pay with cash or check.... on the day of the service.

Q: How often will I be billed?
A: After the first time visit and payment. We invoice the first of every month: cash, check, credit card.

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A: Yes we do. You will receive a free cleaning for every person that you send to us that receives a regular PoopBrigade service.

Q: If I forget to unlock the gate will there be a charge?
A: First time, no. Second time there will be a charge. This can be avoided by having the gate unlocked.