" I'm tired of scooping poop."
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What are PoopBrigade's clients saying?

Erin Ward... "Cannot say enough good things about this company. Very professional, consistent service, and easy to work with. Paul is friendly and reliable. He provides a service for something that most people don't want to deal with. Highly recommended!"

Ben P... "Paul provides a great service and does a great job! Can't recommend him highly enough--- it's the service you didn't know you need, but can't live without."

Anne Kirk... "I admit it. I ignored the poop situation in my back yard for a long time. I let Mother Nature handle it herself, but when I put my house on the market I was forced to face reality. Mother Nature wasn't keeping up with my large Goldendoodle. My realtor recommended Poop Brigade. I was surprised to hear that there was a business fully dedicated to poop removal and even more surprised to find out the guy who showed up to do it, was even more professional.

I wasn't expecting to find a clean, nicely dressed, smiling person to show up to do this type of job.
Paul showed up every Wednesday like clockwork and always left a note to let me know he had been there. Poop Brigade does a much better job than Mother Nature. Highly Recommended!"

Mrs. Hopper... "You are tremendous, Paul. Thank you for your help."

Michelle G... "Thank you for keeping things clean around here--but most of all for your friendship
and for giving my sweet Lola another person to trust and feel comfortable around. That was huge for him. Thank you again."

Tina Ryson... "I got tired of cleaning up my dog's poop three years ago. So I found PB and called them. Best decision I've made in a long time. PB is professional, dependable and hardworking.
Raining, sleeting, whatever: they do it. No drama. No excuses. Payment is easy. It's been a great experience. I recommend them to my friends."

Linda Belmont... "PoopBrigade comes to my house every week. (Has for 6 years.) I wouldn't have anyone else clean my yard. Paul is consistent and dependable. And trustworthy. That in my book, is important. My dogs love seeing him, too. Great local company. Highly recommended!"

Melanie Stegner... "I highly recommend Paul and PoopBrigade. My sister used him for several years and she recommended him to me when I became physically unable to clean the yard myself. He is very thorough and reliable. When he is unable to complete the service due to the weather, he emails immediately and gives the new date. If you are looking to hire someone to clean up after the dogs, you will not be disappointed with PoopBrigade."

Liz A..."I wouldn't be able to keep my dog, if Paul didn't come every week. He is dependable. He is personable. He is the most reliable service I've ever had. That's all I have to say."

Teri Wilson... "You have been my most reliable service since I moved to Richmond, by far. I trust you. You always did what you said you're gonna do. Now that I'm moving again. I'm gonna miss you. And so are my dogs."

Dawn Donovan... "Have been a weekly client of BP for years, they are phenomenal. Paul is a grade A professional, always: does a great job, consistent, dependable, flexible re: schedule and a very nice person. Easy to work with and reasonable rates. Without PB, I would constantly be tracking down which family member is scheduled to clean the yard. Everyone wants a clean yard no one actually wants to do it. For very little money, PB keeps peace in my home. Highly recommended Paul and PoopBrigade."

Harriet Williamson... "Paul has taken care of my pups "poop"  for several years. He always sticks to his schedule like clock work. Me and my yard are so happy. He is very courteous and easy to communicate with. He aims to please and work with you. Hire with confidence, you and your yard won't regret it."

Mrs. Arrington... "We are happy to recommend Paul Richardson and his service, PoopBrigade. He did a great job cleaning our backyard, especially the first visit. He was prompt, organized and enthusiastic.  I have recommended his service to our lawn care company and our landscapers and would be glad to do the same for anyone interested."

Philip Cantone... "Wonderful, reliable service. Came upon this company when we really needed help with cleaning up our backyard with two dogs while both of us working full-time. A real life saver! The  back yard never smelled better and no more flies. Very reasonable rates too."

Riley Sturgil... "Excellent service! Paul is courteous, on-time and easy to communicate via e-mail. Highly recommended. My dog "Keeper" really appreciates this business for taking care of his business."

Debbie Dickler..."Paul has been a life saver with our two dogs and large back yard. He even tells me if he sees any loose stools, so I can stay on top of their health. He does a great job and my dogs love him. I would highly recommend him."

Gordon  Doane... "I appreciate the service and hard work. Very good value. If you are on the fence about getting this service don't hesitate."

Jeannette Brown... "Loved our dogs. We had him for years and always did a great job. When our dogs passed away he sent us the most touching note. If we get another dog, we'll definitely be calling PoopBrigade."

Jeffrey Pollack... "Paul was always prompt and courteous. Super reliable and great service. Highly recommend."

John Spacek... "These guys are awesome. They do what they say. When they say it. At the price quoted."

Carmen Eckel... "Consistent and great service."


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